Covers of kapuski for female skin


Cabbage toning cover. 2 teaspoon yeast mixed with 2 teaspoonful of recent fresh juice or sauerkraut. Before applying the cover to wipe the face 2 times a same juice. Mass of diluted cream until thick and put in hot water. At a 1-st sign of fermentation stir and add 25 drops of camphor oil. The mask is gradually applied to a facial skin of the face. 15-20 min after the mask is removed with a spatula again wipe the skin with a cotton swab moistened with the juice of fresh cabbage, and allow a face to dry.

The mask of fresh cabbage. Fresh fresh cabbage to crank through a meat grinder to 1 teaspoon of porridge throw in 1 teaspoon of whipped egg white, rice, serum, mix until smooth. Put on skin for 15-20 min, then rinse with hot aqua and rinse with cold water.

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