Folk Remedies


Excellent help ice cubes. You can not just freeze a water and extracts of birch leaves, marigold, sage.

Packs of watter. Process time 10 minutes. Cotton swabs hold a couple of min, and then substitute them with new ones.

Jacket potatoes. Boil. Wait until slightly cooled. Cut in 0.5 and used to the eyes for 1/2 an hour.

Parsley. Finely chop and mix with 20 grams of butter. At 15 minutes, a resulting gravity is put on wet face age.

Decoction of sage. Take a tsp. Of sage leaves and pour half cup of boiling aqua. Let sit for Fifteen minutes. Strain. Divide a fluent into 2 parts. One part of the cool and hot a other. Alternately for ever Use a cotton swabs dipped in hot, then coldness broth. It is good to perform this procedure before bedtime. So lubricate the skin fluid for eyelids.

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