Fluent creams used to a skin type

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However, many because of the simplicity in circulation prefer to apply the how-called lightness variant liquid fluid "oil in water". Many gerls even Think about it that the sooner a cream is engrossed into a face, a higher a efficiency. But it is, unluckily, any weight self-hypnosis.

In it really necessary to "smudge" cream after every bath is strongly inspired by adverts? Of course not. Anyway, not every type of skin needs it. But just should to very dry skin later being in a water to soften serum that she regained protective film.

Sometimes a fluent cream manufacturers introduce light-protective filters. True, it is not clear why this is done. Read more -->

Ripe banana cover.

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A mature, correctly-mashed banana mixed with 1 teaspoonful of milk and apply on the face. The cover is used for 20 minutes, water-washed with a cotton swab dipped in milk or soft water. Applied weekly or every other time. Course - 20 treatments.

Medium banana mask for aging skin. 1 spoon of big banana pulp mixed with fresh egg, cream and natural honey. Use mix on a facial skin for 15-20 minutes. Read more -->

Covers of potatoes for dry skin

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Recipe number 1

This skin cover of potatoes is very easy to create, but at the like time has a good capacity on a facial skin of any type. You will need a little potato, which need be rubbed on a beautiful terke. Mozhno simply cut into thin slices and use on skin. A resulting face cover murphy used to the facial skin for 15-20 minutes, after that time, remove the face mask of the potatoes with a cotton swab and Carefully wash with hot aqua. Of the face care murphy necessarily use nourishing cream.

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Masks of grapes for any skin

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Grape cleansing, toning cover. A linen towel or cheesecloth, folded in layers, wet grape fresh juice and apply on face for 15-20 min. After removing a mask face rinse with soft water, dry with a soft jack-towel and apply a moisturizer. One cover enough 1-1.5 soup spoon juice. Mask to do 2-3 minutes a week. Course -15-20 procedures.

Grape-softening natural milk mask. Read more -->

Masks of ripe tomato

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Masks for fase, ideal for cleansing young skin with enlarged pores.

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Masks cabbage dlyalyuboy skin

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Fresh cabbage and natural honey toning cover. 1/2 sticks of baker's yeast assorted with 1 teaspoonful of natural honey and the like amount of fresh cabbage breeding juice to get gentle gravity. Leave to ferment in a colored place. When a gravity increase in the amount of 2-3 times, put on a face for 30 minutes. If during this time the gravity of dry, moisten it again fresh cabbage breeding juice. Wash out off a cover with aqua or breeding juice.

Refreshing mask sauerkraut. Read more -->

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