Covers cabbage for very dry skin

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The cover of cabbage for very dry skin. Take 0.5 a cup of cabbage juice to moisten it a layer of cotton wool, gauze or wiping cloth and apply on facial skin for 15-20 minutes. As the drying cloth need moisturize breeding juice. Before applying the cover skin wipe cream, sour serum or fat serum, and later removing the - first wet and then very dry with a cotton swab. A proceedings is carried out 2-3 times a week. Course - 15-20 procedures.

Mask of a fresh cabbage leaves. Read more -->

Covers of kapuski for female skin

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Cabbage toning cover. 2 teaspoon yeast mixed with 2 teaspoonful of recent fresh juice or sauerkraut. Before applying the cover to wipe the face 2 times a same juice. Mass of diluted cream until thick and put in hot water. At a 1-st sign of fermentation stir and add 25 drops of camphor oil. The mask is gradually applied to a facial skin of the face. Read more -->

Masks bow

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Versatile tool that is suitable for all skin types. This vegetable has come from ancient Egypt and established himself not only as a healthy diet food, but also however an antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic product. A list of healthy properties could be continued, but a basic advantages of masks from a bow is that they are cheap and easy to create, you can always make a good mask. We recommend a use of this product in cosmetology, but with extreme caution, follow safety precautions. Specifically for the eyes and irritated skin.

Covers with beet

Beets - This veggie is very right known in Russian, we apply in many dishes much willingly, since even our ancestors knew how powerful healing qualities keep this veg! Nowadays, more and more you can find courses that are not in the chemical industry, and to a organic ingredients that contain essence minerals and trace minerals and other substances, which are in healthy face.

Masks from tomatoes

Ripe tomato has excellent properties that are well suited for improving any and combination face. Even if you just wipe a area with a a little piece of ripe tomatoes T some times a 7 days, you will feel its healing affinity speedily. Read more -->

Masks from orange for dry skin

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Orange cover. 1 spoon of oat mealy, wheat floury or almond bran mixed with the extract of one orange. Porridge put on a facial skin, covering it with gauze. After 15-20 minutes, remove a cover, sluice a face with cool aqua.

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