Eye Makeup

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At the moment, many well-known enterprises manufacture roller gels that help to remove dark circles under his eyes. Again it should be noted that minor bruises. In these vehicles really small nutrients, and the good effect is due to a small massotherapy in contact with the cold-blooded metal roller skin.

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Covers pear

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Pear - the fresh fruit has long been known in ancient medicine, and has all a healthy features, which are used for medicinal purposes so well how in cosmetics. Pear liquor has not alone analgesic capacity, but is a lovely antiseptic. Various vitamins and minerals that do up this miracle strawberries is beneficial to the facial skin. Later applying face care covers of pear face becomes elastic, smooth and velvety.

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Masks carrot for any facial skin

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Carrot curd refreshing cover. Mix in equal proportions (1 tablespoon) good cottage cheese, veg (olive, peach, or other), a butter, milk and carrot juice. Rub a mixture right and apply on face for 20 min, then create a warm compress.

Carrot refreshing cover. Grate 2 sweet carrots, slurry blend with 1-2 teaspoons of starch or freshly mashed potatoes and one fresh egg. A mix was put on thoroughly cleansed skin for 20 minutes, even layer. Wash off with warm, then cold-blooded water.

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Formula number 2

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This skin cover of potatoes is perfect for very dry irritated face. Face mask right nourishes and moisturizes a skin. To prepare the mask you will need:

- One small potatoes;

- Cream (can substitute milk)

- Olive oil (you can substitute a simple oil)

As, small potatoes boil like potatoes in the skins, so peel and cut into a puree. In the resulting bruise add to a one teaspoon of serum (or one tablespoon of whole milk) and a teaspoonful of olive oil. Received a heartwarming face cover of potatoes put on the face for 15-20 min then wash with hot water, not forgetting to apply a nourishing serum.

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Masks of carrots for normal face

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Carrot cover on the protein. Blend the grated carrot on a little grater medium size with beaten eggs 1 eggs, append 1 tsp. Of starch or milk powderise. Use on skin for 20 min, rinse with hot h2o.

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Masks peach face however healthy?

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Homeland peach now not known. How, it is assumed that it is in northern China for the 1-st time was a discovery of this plant. Wherever peach was not available nearly everywhere considered a sacred fruit. In ancient China, a plant symbolized fertility and longevity in Japan - a embodiment of feminine tenderness, a Buddhist equivalent of peach raspberries "red apple of paradise."

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